hey hey heyy

hey hey hey everybody :))

do u guys know a quotes “whenever i have a problem, i just sing..

then i know my voice is worse than my problem” 

i love this quotes hohoho, why ? becauseeee its really me 😀 i cannot sing but i like singing.. my voice is worse but i dont care. i just love to do it 😀

i just made a video for my friends in taiwan, she will face her birthday and she’s  my friend who still keep in touch with me. im not saying she’s my best friend because she more than best.. hhihi. FYI im not lesbian.

andddd guess whatt ? i SING for her hahha

i dont care with my worse voice because i sing for her with care. she’s now facing a heart trouble a.k.a broken heart by a guy -______-

maybe the qoutes doesnt match with my story but i think i can change it a lil bit 

“whenever people around me have a trouble, i just sing.. then they’ll know my voice is worse than their problem” hahahha :p :p 


like this if i can cheer you up :)) many thankss for those who read this blog

c yaaa guyssss :)) 

Big SMILE for you 


About imeyda

im just ordinary girl, who always feel curious and wanna find something new here
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