good or bad habbit ?

i grow up in a big family and most of my family is a Budhist. im a Budhist too.

when i was kid, i went to temple (in bahasa we called it Vihara), someone taught me that FOOD is an IMPORTANT thing for our life. if we throw our food, its like we do a sin. and now i think every religion teach this thing.

it may be just a child memory but not for me.its became my habbit and it cause a fat body for me. huks!

i cant leave my plate before its clean. now, im lil bit depressed with my body but i cant leave my habbit.  i did diet but none of my diet program works. and im sick of diet -___-

its a good or bad habbit ?







About imeyda

im just ordinary girl, who always feel curious and wanna find something new here
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