finally i write again

hi there..

i start to write again. because i think… i have nothing to do :p :p 

the fact is.. i just want to express my happy feeling because i just read a blog.. i dont know if i might mention its name, so i decide to not mention it.. ( if you wanna know, u can ask me)

it just a daily blog. you know, someone make a blog to review her activity or what she eat or etc. it just became so interesting for me because, she put photos on it. a moment before i read that blog, i just thought that i wanna be healthier thaN now, i wanna be thinner than now. but how ?

when i open that blog, it feels like “hey, i can give an answer!” hahaha, its sounds silly but its really what i felt. im not a person who can easily read blog that full of words. it just too boring for me. fortunately, this blog put photos on it, so i decided to read it. 

that blog show me how to be healthier indirectly. the writer wasn’t directly write “i’m a healthy person” but i can saw it from the picture that she put on her blog. she put her food and drink picture. yup.. just a food and drink picture, you can get it from google or other search engine. but what make me still read that blog because what she eat and drink, isn’t a normal food. i mean we cant get those food and drink in restaurant or any food place. because she made it by her self and ALSO she put the recipe on her blog. all those food and drink that she consumed, was a healthy food and drink and make me wanna try to make it at my own kitchen. its unusual food, an unique drink and one more thing, its easy to make also could reduce my pounds hahahha :p.


cant wait to try the recipes at home 


c you guys, thanks for reading this blog. love ya all 🙂


About imeyda

im just ordinary girl, who always feel curious and wanna find something new here
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