one step ahead

this story is a true story.. but maybe it’s a weird..
im not a popular student in my campus… i love to make friends but i dont have many friends. i don’t know why,maybe because im a quite person..
sometimes i wanna be an active student.. but silence gave me comforty..
so i realized that im not a popular student ( but its not big thing for me) i dont even think that my lecturer will remember my name.. until one day….
he’s a young lecture in my campus. he’s smart yet clever person.
sometimes, after class, i asked him about my own problem. but isnt a big problem. he gave some solutions and his point of view.

im not sure that he remember my name. but when the absence time come,he read my name, and he know who i am..

its my first time being knowing by others.
and i thought ” really, he remember me? he know my name???”

im so happy.. and i realized…

“God have it’s time.. one day he’ll make you being known”

and im one step ahead to be popular hahahha :p 😛

its my story.. sorry for my bad grammar..

thanks for reading this short and weird story..

im too happy and want to share with all of you.

thanks guyss !!!

Big smile and big Hug..

Meyimey :*


About imeyda

im just ordinary girl, who always feel curious and wanna find something new here
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